One person - $100/session

2 people - $125/session

3 people -$150/session


The Button Factory, Waterloo

Do you or someone you know need some special attention, a way to truly relax and unwind?

Why not try a personal restorative experience designed especially for you! I strongly believe in the power of touch and I think more people need to have access to the magic of hands on support.  

75 minutes of supportive care for 1 to 3 people is now available to book with me either in the comfort of your home or in a private, small studio space.

​Please fill out the form below and I will contact you to schedule an appointment.

ALSO NOTE: You will not be required to share with the group unless you feel inspired to do so. It takes time to build confidence when we have been so long without. I want everyone to feel welcome and pressure.

​​in both Waterloo and Ayr

  A very special class  

What makes our retreats unique?

We feel it’s important to tap into your creative mind...a part of ourselves that often gets neglected as our daily agendas become full.

One does not need to be artistic to be creative..listening to music, connecting with nature, it all appeals to our authentic and childlike Self. 

Also, it feels good to not know the outcome, to not necessarily have a plan, but with playful curiosity, to forge ahead anyway. And so very often, be delighted by our abilities.

We appreciate the gravity of today's world and wish to provide a lightness;

tools for you to take home with you and use when life gets too heavy..

Join us for yoga, nature, creation, meditation, all laced with humour and love.


I am very passionate about this workshop, as it's something I have been working on for a long time. Too many of us struggle every day of our lives with our inner dialogue. Ask yourself if any of the following are relatable:

Low self-esteem.  Feelings of unworthiness. Lack of confidence. Negative self talk. Procrastination.  Self-criticism.  Lack of motivation.  Insecurity.  Feeling jealous.

These are just a few of the ways we quietly struggle with our thoughts, believing them to be our truth and our reality! And even worse, we are convinced that we are the only ones feeling this way so we don't talk about it or reach out for help.

Shame is the veil we wear over our lack of self love.

In this workshop we will explore these feelings, and discuss real, tangible and practical ways to actually shift our patterns of thinking!

There will be opportunity for interaction, guided mindful movement breaks and reflection.

NOTE: This is not a full physical "yoga" class, (there will be periods of guided movement throughout) but more a journey of mindfulness and self discovery. We will create a plan to help you make lasting changes in the way that you think and feel. You deserve to be at peace! And you deserve to feel good about yourself and your goals...right now! 

Take a leap of faith and register today!


2023 has remained difficult for many families, for many different reasons.

The rising cost of necessities is really putting the strain on the household budget.
There is something wonderful about bringing the magic of the season home for our neighbours in need.

Help make the many holidays celebrated by families in our region a little bit brighter this year!

Donations in the Ayr class will go directly to families in Ayr with the help of Ayr Cares. 

Donations in the Waterloo class will go top the Holiday Program run by Family and Children Services.

FACS has provided a list of desirable items for donations. NEW educational toys, books, craft supplies, outdoor toys and sports equipment are ideal for gift giving with the Ayr Cares Program. Gift cards are also very welcome for both organizations, as it gives the families some involvement in choosing gifts for their loved ones.

Whether it is Hanukkah, Ramadan, Eid, Christmas, New Year festivities, Diwali, or another holiday, your donations  provide support for families to purchase gifts, holiday meal supplies, and other meaningful items.

Let all families in Waterloo Region know that their community cares about them. 

investment is $60.00 ~ includes light refreshments 

 Please send me a private message if finances are a challenge with regards to you attending these workshops.  Alternatively,  if you would like to sponsor a participant,  please send me a message as well.    We are one. 

There is a $10 fee to attend each class, payable by cash or Etransfer. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to purchase gifts. Registration can be done in the form below.

Ayr~Fri Dec 1 at 6:30pm at NDCC
Waterloo~Thurs Dec 7 at 7pm
at The Button Factory