​ Angela.

 Angela is the owner and creator of Angels-landing  Yoga & Wellness. 

​ Yoga and fitness are fundamental to her life, keeping  her strong, grounded and centred.

Angela received her  200 CYT training in Costa Rica. Teaching yoga has  continually inspired her to acquire a greater depth of  knowledge, always seeking, learning and growing. 

 Her classes work with the body's subtle energy,  connecting movement and breath to create a soulful  yoga practice with attention to detail and alignment.

 Great emphasis is put on honouring your body and  allowing for both challenge as well as  surrender....enjoying your body as it is...today and  every day.

My clients mean the world to me! 

I am so very grateful to my community for their support in voting for me as 
"Best Yoga Instructor" in 2020 and "Best Yoga Centre" in 2023.

It's been my honour to serve my students, make connections and lasting relationships.

 I will continue to show up and evolve with you...learning and growing together. 

You all have inspired me to be my best self.

May we all know Peace.


Since our in-person yoga classes were closed due to COVID restrictions last fall, I've been doing an online class with Angela each week. Without a doubt these classes have kept me flexible and moving over these past months.
I really appreciate Angela's down to earth approachable manner. She encourages you to be mindful of what's going on in your body and suggests modifications for poses that may be at a more difficult level.
I particularly like the fact that the classes are recorded. If the timing of a class doesn't work for me, I can get the benefit of the class when it fits into my schedule.



My first class, after I was introduced to you, you gave me such a  warm hug and I knew I was at the right place. What I like most about your classes is I always feel safe, welcomed and heard. 
When we had to go to zoom classes, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do yoga due to the timing  of the classes. With the sessions recorded, I can do yoga at anytime and anywhere. 
This past Friday, I worked 1900-0700 and my body was sore and I just felt horrible. 
During my break, I found a quiet corner and convinced a coworker to join me in doing the hip session, it was amazing we felt rejuvenated! 
Who would have thought I could do yoga at the hospital at 1:30am?!
During the pandemic working in healthcare I found myself to be more anxious, exhausted  and at times down. 
With the help of yoga and  you, I am able to do yoga anywhere, anytime with the recorded sessions and this has allowed me to reflect and check in with my mind and body on a regular basis. 
If and when we can go back to regular in person classes, I would love to have recorded sessions at my fingertips for times I can’t make a class or need the extra support of a class. 

YOU are the reason I LOVE yoga!


I have been practising yoga with Angela for over 5 years now.  The physical and emotional benefits I get from her classes are so amazing.  I have rheumatoid arthritis and a spinal cord injury that causes balance issues.  Over time I have made huge physical improvements in my flexibility, strength and even balance (some days :)).  Her verbal direction during class is excellent - she describes very clearly exactly what to do in order for you to receive the most benefit from the posture. On the emotional side of things, somehow it always feels as though Angela is talking directly to me and what I am dealing with at that moment - not sure how she does it!  It's like physical therapy and emotional therapy all in one! I have done classes with other teachers as well, but Angela is by far my favourite.  She is such a genuine and kind soul and I always finish the class feeling calm and ready to face life and all of its challenges. And there is nothing as magical as how well you sleep the night after a class.  I am so grateful that she has continued to teach classes through the pandemic.  Goodness knows we all need that self-care in our lives right now.