Fee is $125.00 per 75 min session

Absolutely no yoga experience is necessary.

This very special private practice allows two people to relate to one another through assisted poses.

From stretching your levels of trust to strengthening your communication, couples yoga can have a positive effect on your relationship that extends far beyond the physical.

Partner yoga requires couples to really pay attention to each other in the moment and work together toward common goals. The practice is mutually beneficial for both participants, and studies show couples yoga has far-reaching benefits, from reduced anxiety to a better sex life.

Couples who engage in new activities together can feel an increase in both relationship quality and romantic attraction. In addition, the intimacy and physical connection can help to renew and revive a relationship. Learning new skills together allows couples to have fun while slowing down, spending quality time, and sharing a meaningful experience.

Being in the moment while breathing and posing with your partner can reinvigorate your connection.

It’s important to note that couples yoga isn’t sexual in nature. It’s a form of yoga that utilizes two people to synch their breathing, postures, and movements. However, this can increase intimacy as it requires new levels of trust, communication, and connection. Conflict in relationships can stem from couples feeling out of sync, distant, or disconnected. In this practice, the act of moving together can help couples feel more in sync.

While most yoga practices help to lower stress and reduce anxiety, partner yoga offers a special bonus thanks to the power of your significant other’s touch.