One On One Coaching

We all need a little support sometimes.

That is what I am committed to offering you in our sessions together.

When we are faced with challenges in life we are often finding ourselves responding with fear instead of leading with love. My years of teaching yoga and mindfulness have gifted me with experience  and knowledge that I feel truly called to share. I have done many types of training and I would love to share some of the tools I have acquired with you to improve your health, your relationships and most importantly, your relationship with yourself. 

Our time together will be structured into one hour weekly or bi-weekly sessions.

These sessions will be conducted by phone, video chat or in person depending on your comfort level, location and current needs.

*sessions have a one year expiry from the date of purchase


Single session - $110

3 Session package - $300

6 Session package - $575

9 Session package - $800

**packages include unlimited emails if you need support in between sessions