Class Description- Classes will vary from session to session.

Chair Yoga
A gentle form of Yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair or standing using a chair for support. Also incorporates the breathing and the mind/body benefits of a traditional class.

Hips & Hamstrings
Many of us experience back and hip pain that is directly related to the tightness in our hips and hamstrings. in this class we will use movement and deeper stretches to open up the tight muscles of the hamstrings and find openness and freedom in the hips.

Flow for Strength or Fit Flow
A class designed to build strength and stamina, like most body weight training, while simultaneously increasing mobility and balance. Movement is accessible to beginners and intermediate level yogis who crave results-oriented workouts but need that relaxing peacefulness too.

Yin Restorative
A yin based practice with the use of props, this class is designed to nourish your body and your mind, giving relief to your muscles and joints and peace to your thoughts. The slower pace allows time for reflection and to release built up tension. Everyone is welcome. 

Strong Foundations Yoga
This class will allow you to build strength and balance by creating a strong foundation that is rooted in good alignment, body awareness, optional modifications, and of course...breath!

Hip Flow
A energetic class that flows between hip mobility, hip strengthening and deep release in the muscles of the hips. Feel the joy increasing free and happy hips!

Slow Down & Relax
This class incorporates long luscious yin holds, restorative poses using bolsters, blocks and blankets that allow you to go deeper and release physical blockages in the tissues. Breath work, meditation and yoga nidra will also help us access the mental, emotional and spiritual levels allowing you to release deeply held patterns. A truly restorative experience.

Flow Into Stillness
This class combines the best of both worlds in yoga movement. You will be led through a gentle but energetic, dynamic flow for the first part of class and then guided into more restorative poses. Settle into a sweet savasana to integrate it all. This helps to create self awareness, balance and harmony within. 


A heart centred practice that will inspire you even when you leave your mat. Physical postures  will address the muscles & bones of the chest and upper back. Practicing backbends will open up the front of your body and improve the mobility of the lumbar and thoracic spine. Both an invigorating and strengthening practice.

Wall Yoga

A special class where we will explore yoga postures using a wall for support and alignment. Mostly restorative in nature.

Begin Again

Back to basics in this class! Learn positioning, alignment and breath to get the maximum benefit from the practice. Modifications will be covered in greater detail to create the movement that is best for you!

Cleansing Yoga

Help your body's natural detoxification system to function properly. We will use breath and movement to improve circulation, digestion, lymphatic drainage and remove toxic energy. Like a reset button for your body and mind.

Chakra Balance

​Chakras are energy centres in the body that are related to everything from your sense of security and  confidence to your levels of expressiveness and compassion. When our energy is balanced we feel at ease and healthy. In this class we will explore where you might be blocked or stagnant and provide the body with an opportunity to generate flow  and "feel good". 


Online classes are categorized into 3 levels in order to help determine the effort level required in each class. Everyone is welcome to participate at any level class as modifications and rest are encouraged. 

Level 1- intended to be a more relaxing, lower energy class often focused on long holds, deep releases and meditative breathing. Props are used in most of these classes including pillows, bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps and/or belts. Specific yoga props are not required, but can be used.

Level 2- a higher level of energy will be required to enjoy these classes. Classes are still adaptable to the beginner yogi, as well as the more seasoned practitioner. We will explore all aspects of asana including strength, mobility, balance and flow. Breath is the anchor and mindfulness is practiced. Lots of detailed instructions , as well as modifications and enhancements will be provided.

Level 3- the most challenging classes fall into this category. We will move more quickly from posture to posture and we will find new ways to challenge strength and endurance while we flow. In order to improve our resilience, strength and conditioning, we need to push past comfort zones...but we also need to be safe. Always use your intuition, not your ego, to guide you through...your practice and your life!