Class Description

Chair Yoga
A gentle form of Yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair or standing using a chair for support. Also incorporates the breathing and the mind/body benefits of a traditional class.

Yoga for Every Body
A class for all ages, body types and levels of ability.  Improve strength, flexibility and concentration.

Flow into Fitness
A class designed to build strength and stamina, like most body weight training, while simultaneously increasing mobility and balance. Movement is accessible to beginners and intermediate level yogis who crave results-oriented workouts but need that relaxing peacefulness too.

Yin Restorative
A yin based practice with the use of props, this class is designed to nourish your body and your mind, giving relief to your muscles and joints and peace to your thoughts. The slower pace allows time for reflection and to release built up tension. Everyone is welcome. 

Therapeutic Yoga
This class unwinds tension, rejuvenates the body and re-balances an overstimulated nervous system. Completely relax into a meditative state with fully supported restorative postures and hands on teacher assists. A blissful & zen experience.

Power Vinyasa Flow
A faster moving flow and strengthening class that will energize your mind and body. Have fun while you attend to concentration, increase flexibility from wherever you currently are and build strength and stamina. Your body is not the only thing to benefit from this practice. You will also gain a sense of confidence in yourself and what you can accomplish...a feel good experience. 

Deep Healing Yoga
This class incorporates long luscious yin holds, restorative poses using bolsters, blocks and blankets that allow you to go deeper and release physical blockages in the tissues. Breath work, meditation and yoga nidra will also help us access the mental, emotional and spiritual levels allowing you to release deeply held patterns. A truly restorative experience.

Flow Into Stillness
This class combines the best of both worlds in yoga movement. You will be led through a gentle but energetic, dynamic flow for the first part of class and then guided into more restorative poses. Settle into a sweet savasana to integrate it all. This helps to create self awareness, balance and harmony within.