Yoga Strap  $24

Our Chip Foam Block with Cover is one of our most versatile props. The interior foam insert is dense enough to offer solid support, yet soft enough to provide padding for knees, elbows, and hips. The cover is removable and washable to ensure a long and durable life for your chip foam block. Whether seated, standing, reclined, inverted or twisted, this block can bring comfort, depth, lift or support to any posture.

Rose Quartz Cotton Eye Pillow $38

is there for you to wipe the face mid-class, arms before arm balances or hands before inversions. The hand & face towel is lightweight, durable and highly absorbent. Long 100% cotton fibres make this towel a soft and beautiful accessory. Approximately 20" x 40". 100% cotton. Cold water wash, machine dry. No fabric softener and no bleach.

$10 per local delivery

Heaven Scent Candle  $25


The B Towel Hand & Face  $24

“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak” …but your mind is working overtime! Breathe in this relaxing blend to bring yourself into the zen zone, and listen carefully, to the truth that lies within. 

 Witch hazel , water, lavender , lemongrass,  Fractionated Coconut Oil, Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, Osmanthus

The B Mat~Everyday long mat~$80

Our 8' Organic Cotton Loop Strap is designed with a fixed loop on one end for easy and quick use during your yoga practice. Deepen your stretches, get easier access into binds, and extend your reach with this multi-posture tool. 

Yoga Blanket ~ $45

The B MAT Everyday Long 4mm is a tried and true yoga mat with some extra length for extra room for practice and play. From a vinyasa flow to a peaceful restorative, the B MAT Everyday is for every practice.
Superior grip, Durable, Eco-friendly, Anti-microbial 

"Lift Me Up"

allows you to enjoy the healing benefits of an all-natural heated or cooled therapeutic tool. Heat it to soothe and relax tension in your neck, shoulders, or any muscle group. Freeze or refrigerate it to use as a cold compress. A welcome relief for sore muscles, cramps, or night sweats with the addition of lavender to enhance your relaxation experience. Linen is a highly durable, hypo-allergenic, breathable natural fiber made from the stalk of a flax plant, making it the perfect fabrication for this highly eco-functional therapy tool. 

Foam Block ~ $35

"Settle Me Down"

Our Classic Cotton Yoga Blanket is the perfect addition to your yoga practice in the studio, or at home. Simple, functional, and beautiful. This blanket provides gentle cushioning, support, or warmth depending on your use. The versatile design can be rolled like a bolster, folded to add height like a block or cushion, or used to cover the body like a traditional blanket. Woven with flat selvage edges makes this blanket design easy to fold and roll flat and evenly making it safe and consistent in shape for all your postures.

Woven by skilled artisan weavers in India, made with love and care, each blanket is unique. Please note, imperfections to the look and appearance may occur which add to the beauty of each handcrafted blanket.

AngeLove Mat Spray - $12

Yoga Bolster $96

Our Natural Cork Yoga Block is made from sustainably harvested cork that provides comfort, stability, and support for your asana practice. Sturdy, strong, and built to last, these blocks can aid you in supporting ease or depths in any type of yoga.

Our custom candle created with warm incense, Indonesian white copal and patchouli.  100% natural soy wax is hand poured in small batches, with a premium cotton wick, ensuring the highest quality.

Sustainable, renewable and biodegradable 
Clean burning with no black soot
Burns for 50+ hours
Phthalate free

Yoga Block  $25

On the days when you have to create your own sunshine, let this scent pick you up and carry you away to a lighter and brighter place. It’s a cheerful blend of the following ingredients:

Witch hazel , water , lemongrass, lavender, wild orange, peppermint 

Linen Hot + Cold Therapy Pillow $48

This bolster promotes gentle chest opening, makes a great back bending prop, and provides a moderate lift for forward bends and legs up the wall. Its generous size is designed to perfectly support your entire upper body in restorative yoga poses. so stretch out, lie back, and relax!

Hand stuffed at Halfmoon in Burnaby, Canada.

Pure bliss during restorative yoga, before bed, or after screen time. Organic cotton cover filled with wheat berry, rose quartz gemstones, and a lavender fill is naturally cooling, soothes dry eyes, and relaxes the mind and body.

Rose quartz is a love stone. Whether it be love for oneself, the ability to love another, or unconditional love as a whole. Deeply connected to the heart chakra, rose quartz is said to open and purify the heart which ultimately leads to love, friendship, and inner peace. 

**these disinfectant yoga mat sprays are custom created with Doterra essential oil blends specifically for Angels-Landing use and distribution.