Happy Client....

I have to tell you this weeks class really lifted me up. I feel so much lighter, I never realized how much heaviness I was holding (no wonder I’ve been feeling stuck). Thank you for showing up and lifting us up! Can’t wait for next week!

Yoga Family...


Ayr- NDCC,  Waterloo - The Button Factory

Level 1 ~ lower energy, modified, supported

Level 2 ~ medium energy, slower flow, modifications

​Level 3 ~ high energy, fitness, strength, 

   Private sessions are available.​​  Please message me for details.  

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This is a new private link to short practices (30 min or less) that are accessible anytime. Classes include morning yoga, hip opening, chair yoga, posture clinics, relaxation and meditation.

There's also informative and inspirational videos on everything  you might want to consider when improving your health and wellness...including nutrition, mindset, lifestyle and intentions.

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Current session runs

Mar 29 - Apr 21





Zoom link will be sent to you prior to class 

NOTE: If you are unable to attend live the classes are recorded and available to view for a min of  48 hours afterwards. 


payable by Etransfer to: ang.bryson@gmail.com


single class $20

Client testimonial
Angela' s classes are multi layered.
Each class offers different levels of practice.
Within each of these classes, I experience work on a physical level, energetic and emotional level.

Physically I notice how important her cues are in each pose, the isometric use of tiny muscles and proper alignment. The listening itself has been useful in making my mind and body focus together.

This fusing of mind and body is also allowing me to be calmer during this pandemic. Angela's explanations of what energy work is happening along with the physical benefits provides something to go back to during the rest of the day when that scattered mind and aching body resurface.

As a side benefit to on line classes, I have been able to enjoy different classes that were previously unavailable to me due to

scheduling conflicts.
I am grateful to Angela, for giving me the benefit of her wisdom, experience and generous nature.

Next session runs

May 10 - June 29

Just wanted to let you know how much joining your Yoga practices means to me!
I started your classes shortly after our son had a serious motorcycle accident...not too many months later my Mom took ill and passed away. I needed my Yoga mat time more than ever....it helped me cope and get through those most difficult times. I don’t know what I would have done without it! 
We all need to take time ( no matter what our circumstances) to do something good  not only for our bodies, but also for mind and spirit. Yoga does this for me! 
You are an awesome instructor...I have learned to listen to my body...but at times challenge myself as well...finding that balance. I have mentioned to you before that I feel a certain “energy” or connection during class...this is my Yoga Family!
I have definitely missed the “live” classes ...but joining in on your Zoom classes has really helped during these “Covid “ times!
It is comforting to see you and others ”pop” up on screen for sure!
I encourage anyone out there who has not tried an online class...to try one of Angela’s...you won’t be disappointed!!
Take time for some self care...we all deserve it
Until we “mat” again...
Namaste 🙏