A day or two before the start of the retreat, you will receive a box of gifts and guidance to enhance your at home experience.

The retreat includes:

10-11am-Morning yoga practice to energize and awaken your inner fire

11am-1pm-Discovery & Discussion-we will open your retreat box and discover the contents.      We will then discuss some ways to be guided to re-discovering and working your light.               You don’t need to do anything to prepare...you’re more ready than you think!

1-3pm-is self-guided based on our discussion (and your gift box)

3-5pm-reconnect for follow-up and closing restorative, breath work and yoga nidra practice. 

$100.00 includes local delivery

shipping extra for distance participants 

​Everything you have experienced in your life...your parents, your childhood, your education, your economic status, your triumphs, your heartbreak and all the people you have loved and who love you...create the perfect conditions for you to light up the world in a way that only you can. One of the most challenging things about our humanness is the isolation and loneliness that we feel. The truth is, that although the circumstances of each of our lives is vastly different, our core feelings are all the same. As we seek connectedness, which we are often relentlessly doing, it becomes more and more about being real, transparently imperfect and authentically you. It’s time to devote your life to being a bright light in the world; to come home to who you truly are, and then show it bravely to all around you. 

In this retreat, we will begin to discover how to figure out your purpose and the life you’re called to live. So that you may embrace your flaws and shine bright. 

LIVE in your LIGHT



What makes our retreats unique?

We feel it’s important to tap into your creative mind...a part of ourselves that often gets neglected as our daily agendas become full. One does not need to be artistic to be creative.

It feels good to not know the outcome, to not necessarily have a plan, but with playful curiosity, to forge ahead anyway. And so very often, be delighted by our abilities.

We appreciate the gravity of today's world and wish to provide a lightness;

tools for you to take home with you and use when life gets too heavy..

Join us for yoga, nature, creation, meditation, all laced with humour and love.