​ Angela.

 Angela is the owner and creator of Angels-landing  Yoga & Wellness. 

​ Yoga and fitness are fundamental to her life, keeping  her strong, grounded and centred. Angela received her  200 CYT training in Costa Rica. Teaching yoga has  continually inspired her to acquire a greater depth of  knowledge, always seeking, learning and growing. 

 Her classes work with the body's subtle energy,  connecting movement and breath to create a soulful  yoga practice with attention to detail and alignment.

 Great emphasis is put on honouring your body and  allowing for both challenge as well as  surrender....enjoying your body as it is...today and  every day.


 Joshua Webster has been teaching yoga for over 12  years.  He is a registered acupuncturist and has a  passion for the healing arts and sharing these practices  with others.  He teaches a broad range of yoga styles    tailored to the needs of the individuals in his classes or  lessons.  He is a former junior Buddhist monk and a  long time meditation practitioner and instructor.