Ayr Cares

There are a number of families in our community that could use a hand-up this holiday season.  Sometimes a family, despite being employed and appearing to be thriving, are actually really struggling.

This community is not okay with letting these families 'fall through the cracks'.

AYR CARES.  We will be accepting donations of stocking stuffers, toys and gift cards to be distributed as needed. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. 

This year I am so pleased to be working with 3 amazing organizations for my charitable donations yoga class! Class will take place on Thursday November 21 at 7pm. 

A minimum $10 donation will be the entry fee into class. 100% of this fee will go to purchase weighted blankets for schools participating in creating quiet, safe spaces for students to go to when they’re feeling a little overwhelmed or anxious. This is one of the projects initiated by Stand Strong. The Community Company will be selling holiday cards and wellness bundles designed by some of their creators, who are proactively overcoming the challenges of homelessness. We are also collecting donations of stocking stuffers, toys and gift cards for our local Ayr Cares. Saje will be offering aromatherapy love to all of our interested guests in addition to having products for sale. Add in candlelight,  refreshments and door prizes and it promises to be a meaningful evening of community connection! 

Sign up is required. 

Thanks so much in advance for your consideration in participating! 

The Community Company is empowering individuals in our community who are overcoming life-altering adversity through entrepreneurship. They are a social business that collaborates with vulnerable individuals in Southern Ontario to create products with a purpose. The products are developed through collaboration, and every design is unique and personal to the individuals story. 50% of all profits are shared with their partners to help achieve their goals.

Social Challenge
People in our community who experience life-altering adversity (think homelessness, surviving an abusive relationship, workplace injury, etc) currently use charities and government resources to help overcome their adversity. While extremely necessary and important, these resources do not provide a sense of dignity or empowerment.

Social Solution
Our mission is to empower our community partners through entrepreneurship. This is achieved through collaboration - together, we create a unique and meaningful art design that is personal to their story. The design is then printed on an everyday product (Christmas card covers, tote bags, canvas art, etc) which we bundle and sell to the community as part of our flagship product, The Community Box.

Value Proposition
Empowerment occurs when our partners become a creator; there is a strong sense of pride and accomplishment in creating a product that community members value and purchase for money. We hope that our partners grow from this experience to become creators in their own lives.

We don’t present ourselves to our partners as a hero who can change their circumstance, rather we want our partners to feel change within themselves as they go through this unique entrepreneurship experience alongside our team of changemakers.

Compass 9 media help’s business find their north star & reach their business goals with strategies, creative content, and distribution. The company is founded by Tyson Greenan and Brandon Nguyen. One of our core values is kindness and empathy. We really want to help kids with mental health issues because we have struggled as kids and know what it’s like not to have a voice or anyone help us.

Stand Strong came to life when Michael Hecktus and Sharon Hutton sat down with a vision of creating a Community for Teens, by Teens. A platform to "Feel Healthy, Feel Safe and Stand Strong!"

Teen depression, anxiety disorders and suicide amongst teens is at an all-time high. Teens are sitting in silence, and "When its Silent, it's time to listen!"

We want to give them their own place to share their voice and not be silent; not be judged but be understood and supported. We envision a community that supports the mental and emotional  wellness of young people.

Our foundation is Stand Strong; the four pillars are, Education, Community, Events & Social Media Awareness.

We are working with International Thought Leaders and inspiring teens to create change. We are offering them the tools to find their inner authentic self and to step out and not fear judgement.

We believe today's young people are brilliant. We believe they are creative, diverse and are fearless when it comes to change. 

We want to empower them to stand strong and make a difference.

One of our projects is to provide quiet places in schools for children/youth with weighted blankets to promote a safe and calming environment for moments of anxiety or overwhelming feelings. It’s important to give opportunities to learn coping strategies early in development. Your donations will go towards purchasing these blankets.